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How To Make Stickers and Labels

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DIY Custom Stickers and Labels

(Do It Yourself)

The idea to build custom stickers from scratch came from the need to place custom stickers and labels on sales catalogs. I wanted brilliant adhesive custom stickers to catch the eye and promote ever changing offers. Special order adhesive labels were too expensive. 

So DIY Custom Stickers was born. 

Homemade Computer Stickers look like Professional Stickers.

I used my home computer word processor label program to generate computerized labels that I printed on my custom paper stock. Not all stickers fit into the computerized label word processor pattern, some computerized stickers and labels were made using the normal word processing software or the “Paint Accessory”.
Computerized stickers and labels make a professional sticker. If you like the homemade sticker look you can hand draw your artwork to make your custom sticker.

Weather you use the computerized sticker or homemade sticker method, if you take the time and follow some of our Sticker Making Tips, your finished product will have a professional sticker appearance.

Here are a few of the DIY computer generated custom stickers I designed for my catalogs. A well designed computerized sticker can add a professional appearance to your sales promotion.

Examples of computerized DIY custom stickers. Professional Computer stickers can be made using my Do It Yourself Custom Stickers instructions. Homemade computer stickers can look like a professional sticker.

I thought that others may be in the same boat, so I decided to make this DIY CUSTOM STICKERS website.  My sister, Connie, is a grade school teacher and is always looking for new inexpensive methods to display items in her classroom.  Now she can add DIY Custom Stickers and How to Make Custom Stickers to her tool kit.  I hope other teachers can also benefit from the DIY custom sticker instructions found in these pages.

DIY computer generated custom stickers project.

I have included a webpage (Student  ID Stickers) of detailed Do It Yourself Custom Stickers Instructions for making student ID stickers. These personalized school ID stickers are not only a great idea for students, but are a great first project.

Carpet tape or double sided tape has many uses.  You can make magnetic signs and reminders. I included a webpage (Photo Magnets) of detailed DIY Refrigerator Magnet Photo instructions for making your own Custom Refrigerator Magnet Photos.

Scrapbooking Ideas.

Scrapbooking has become very popular these days. Carpet tape or double sided tape has many uses and can be incorporated into many of your scrapbooking ideas.
With double sided tape you can attach items other than paper goods to your scrapbook. Now you can add ornaments and do-dads to your scrapbooks.

How to make custom stickers can show you more uses for carpet tape.

Although the emphasis of this website is making computer generated professional stickers, the methods and techniques are the same for handcrafted stickers and homemade stickers.

I have made thousands of custom stickers, and I feel these Do It Yourself instructions will help you get a good start on your own DIY custom stickers. A homemade professional sticker is easier than you think.  Be sure to visit all pages, to get all the tips, to make your custom sticker project a fun experience.

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If you have any comments or thoughts to add to Do It Yourself Custom Stickers, please feel free to contact me at

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