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Make Homemade Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom bumper stickers are a great way to show your support for any of your favorite issues. Whether it is for a charity, your local school, sports team or favorite pastime; others will see your interests. Our FREE DIY instructions will guide you through the sticker making process. For more information go to our home page How To Make Stickers or our helpful tips page Sticker Making Tips.

Bumper Sticker Types

There are three types of homemade custom bumper stickers we will discuss here.

  1. Custom built from plain paper stock and double stick tape. This method is usually the cheaper and the background color can be any paper color and texture. The sticker is semi-permanent but does not last as long as other types.
  2. Bumper stickers made from magnetic sheets. This method limits the background color to only a few colors with white being the only readily available color. The sticker can only be affixed to ferrous surfaces, is easily removed and can be reused and last longer than plain paper bumper stickers.
  3. Bumper stickers made on vinyl adhesive sheets. This method limits the background color to only a few colors with white being the only readily available color. The stickers are permanent and not easily removed, last longer than plain paper and magnetic bumper stickers.

Each has its own merits and drawbacks. Only you can decide the best approach for your unique project. All homemade custom bumper stickers should be sprayed with a clear acrylic to protect the ink from rain and all will fade with time especially those with florescent colors.

Bumper Sticker Artwork

Each of the 3 types of bumper sticker will support a variety of art media. Artwork can be drawn directly on the sticker surface or printed on the surface using a computer printer. Again in all cases the final sticker should be sprayed with a clear acrylic finish for longevity.

If printing your sticker on an inkjet printer or other printer read the manufacturers specifications for both the printer and the print medium (magnetic or vinyl sheets) to be sure they are compatible. Failure to do so could result in damaging your printer.

At we have many printer ready projects including bumper stickers for you to choose from. Simply follow the printing instructions found with your selection. Using our Optimum Printer Settings will result in professional looking bumper stickers and maximum use of your print medium (magnetic or vinyl sheets).

Constructing a Plain Paper Bumper Sticker

Tools you will need:

  • Printer or other method of creating a page of bumper sticker blanks.
  • Paper cutter - I use a Fiskars paper cutter (12” bypass guillotine type). Not necessary but very handy if you are planning to make large quantities of custom computerized bumper stickers.
  • Scissors
  • Razor knife

Materials you will need:

  • Paper - your sticker stock.
  • Double sided tape, also known as carpet tape.
  • *NOTE: Carpet tape is designed to be permanent and may mar anything that comes into contact with it. Avoid the “cloth type” tape it does not look as nice and is harder to work with.
  • Mineral spirits to clean glue from tools. - I use odorless.
*NOTE: Some glue from the carpet tape will be transferred to your tools.
Periodic cleaning will give your custom bumper sticker a nice clean cut edge.

How to make custom bumper stickers in 4 easy steps.

  1. Print a page of potential stickers.  See Sticker Making Tips for layout ideas.
  2. Place the carpet tape on the back of the sticker page positioning the tape to the sticker edge.  See “Tips”.
  3. Score the carpet tape with a razor knife if desired. This may make it easier to peel the backing off the tape.
  4. Cut your custom bumper stickers to shape.

Printing Magnetic or Vinyl Bumper Stickers

Before you begin

Read the manufacture’s specifications supplied with your computer printer to be sure your printer can except magnetic sheets or the blank vinyl sticker page. Each printer will handle thicker materials differently than plain paper stock so some experimentation will be necessary. For example to get a ” top border using magnetic sheets in my printer; I must set the page set-up parameters to a 1” top margin.

Test print your project on plain paper before printing on the more expensive magnetic sheets and vinyl sticker sheets.

Print and Trim

Print your Bumper Stickers on the magnetic or vinyl sheets following the manufacturer’s instructions on both the print medium and your computer printer. For longevity coat the printed surface with a clear acrylic spray (optional). Using a paper cutter or sharp scissors cut the bumper stickers to the desired size.

Printable Bumper Stickers by

Print Medium

These printable custom bumper sticker templates can be printed on:
  • Magnetic inkjet sheets for magnetic bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets.
  • Printed on full page size (8 ” x 11”) adhesive labels.
  • Printed on plain paper and made into an adhesive type sticker using double sided tape (aka carpet tape).
  • Adhesive stickers can be attached to old unused calendar magnets to create a refrigerator magnet.

Page Layout

Our standard bumper sticker page layout is 3 bumper stickers to an 8 x 11 inch page (each sticker approximately 11” x 2.75”). To separate the bumper stickers, make 2 cuts between the stickers.

In some cases we included refrigerator magnets in our page design. To separate the refrigerator magnets; first cut the bumper stickers from the sheet, then cut the refrigerator magnets apart.

Other printer ready projects may direct you to these Optimum Printer Settings. Those page layouts will be unique to that project and may not fit our standard custom bumper sticker page layout.

Optimum Printer Settings     [top]

Bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets are printed full size on a page. To maximize image size and utilize the entire print medium (if printing magnetic or vinyl bumper stickers); use the following page setup parameters.
  • Click the “File” tab on your browser window.
  • Select “Page Setup”.
  • Change margins to:  Left .25”, Right .25”, Top 1.0”, Bottom .5”
  • To prevent Internet Explorer from printing page headers and footers on your bumper stickers: Choose the “Empty” option for all items under the Header and Footer columns.
  • When printing is complete; return to the “Page Setup” options and reset page settings to your original defaults.
Remember to test print your project on plain paper before printing on the more expensive magnetic sheets and vinyl sticker sheets.

To Print Bumper Stickers

  • Change Page Setup parameters as described above.
  • Place the desired print material in the computer printer (magnetic sheet or paper/card stock).
  • Follow the printing instructions for your specific bumper sticker. (printing instructions may vary)

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