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DIY Magnetic Emergency Plan 

Construct a Magnetic Emergency Escape Plan

Before you begin; This information is not about formulating and emergency escape plan. There are other sources more adept at helping you with that task. This webpage is a tutorial on how to display your emergency escape plan in a handy place to use should an emergency arise.

You can also use these techniques to construct magnetic information signs to notify emergency crews of any pets or hazards (such as oxygen tanks) that may be in your home.

Even if you choose not to use this information to construct an emergency escape plan, you should have a plan.  If you do not have metal exterior doors, use the refrigerator for a magnetic emergency escape plan, or use a different method to display the plan.

Why have the Emergency Escape Plan on your Door?

  1. Each time you exit your home you are reminded (even subconsciously) that you DO have an emergency escape plan. When an emergency arises you will be more likely to carry out the Emergency escape plan and less likely to panic.
  2. In an emergency you can remove the plan as you exit your home and review the follow-up procedures from a safe location.
  3. Some emergencies are less threatening (a gas or plumbing leak) but you must leave the premises. If you have a list of contact phone numbers on your plan, you can call the parties that may be affected by the more minor emergency.
  4. When leaving for a vacation you can; a) take the Emergency Escape plan with you so you have all your important contact numbers with you. b) Leave the emergency escape plan on your door for house sitters who may need the contact numbers.

Making a Magnetic Emergency Escape Plan for Your Door.

I recycle old calendar refrigerator magnets to make photo magnets and magnetic signs. I will show you how you can use the same technique to make a Magnetic Emergency Escape Plan for your steel door.

If you do not have any old refrigerator calendar magnets, you can purchase magnetic sheets (white only) and print directly on the magnetic sheets. Also available are adhesive magnetic sheets to which you can attach your Emergency Escape Plan. The advantage to this method and the recycled magnets is that you can use brightly colored papers for your Emergency Escape Plan.

The important thing is that you have an Emergency Escape Plan in writing!

The technique I use to make these Magnetic Emergency Escape Plans is to use double sided tape (or carpet tape) to attach a computer printed Emergency Escape Plan to a recycled refrigerator magnet. This technique is discussed in length on our How to Make Stickers page.
Often when dealing with a service oriented business, they will advertise their services using a calendar refrigerator magnet or a business card refrigerator magnet. Some calendar refrigerator magnets are as large as a full sheet or paper and can be cut to any size and shape.

Although these magnet reminders will stick to any ferrous surface (refrigerator, stove, steel door, steel car surfaces, etc) I will refer to them as refrigerator magnets in this article because that is how most of us think of them.

Hints and helpful techniques can be found on our Sticker Making Tips page.

I use my computer to print the message on any custom paper stock I choose. I like to select brilliant colors for my refrigerator magnetic signs and magnetic reminders. You know it is hard to miss a hot pink Emergency Escape Plan. Using a computer makes it easier to keep the information up to date as your family’s needs change.

You can add contact numbers and frequently called numbers to your plan so you have then handy and always know where to find them.

Let’s get started on your Magnetic Emergency Escape Plan.

Tools you will need:

  1. Printer or other method of creating your Emergency Escape Plan.
  2. Scissors
  3. Razor knife

Materials you will need:

  1. Your Emergency Escape Plan.
  2. Calendar refrigerator magnet - see below for selection ideas.
  3. Double sided tape - also known as carpet tape.  *NOTE: Carpet tape is designed to be permanent and may mar anything it comes into contact with it. Avoid the “cloth type” tape it does not look as nice and is harder to work with.
  4. Mineral spirits to clean glue from tools. - I use odorless.   *NOTE: Some glue from the carpet tape will be transferred to your tools. Periodic cleaning will give your custom sticker a nice clean cut edge.

Selecting Calendar Refrigerator Magnets

Your calendar refrigerator magnets should be the same size as your Emergency Escape Plan or larger if you intent to frame it. If you select calendar refrigerator magnets smaller than your Emergency Escape Plan, the borders will fray over time.

Make a Magnetic Emergency Escape Plan in 5 easy steps.

  1. Print your Emergency Escape Plan.
  2. Make sure your calendar refrigerator magnet is the correct size. Save the final trimming of the edges until your Emergency Escape Plan is attached to your finished refrigerator magnet. 
  3. Place the carpet tape on the front of the calendar refrigerator magnet. Be sure to extend the tape to the edges. 
  4. Peel the protective backing off the carpet tape and position your Emergency Escape Plan on the calendar refrigerator magnet.
  5. Trim your magnetic Emergency Escape Plan to shape.  Use any sharp good quality scissors to trim the edges of your magnetic Emergency Escape Plan.

You’re done!  

Place your new magnetic Emergency Escape Plan and any ferrous surface.

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