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2010 College Football Bowl Game Printable Bumper Stickers

2010 College Football Bowl Series Bumper Stickers

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If your favorite college football team is in any Bowl Championship Series tournament game, we have a free printable bumper sticker for you.

Detailed instructions about constructing a homemade adhesive type bumper sticker or a magnetic bumper sticker are available below. Constructing a Bumper Sticker.

Our ready to print bumper stickers include the following college football bowl games and teams. To view or print any available bumper stickers; click on the corresponding bowl game logo.

One page will print 3 different bumper stickers for the college football team of your choice.

  • Team logos for both football teams.
  • Team logos for both teams with one team’s logo X’d out.
  • Team mascots for both teams with one team’s mascot X’d out.

Bowl Championship Series Bumper Stickers

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Texas Longhorns

Jan. 7, 2010 ABC 8:00 pm
Pasadena, CA (Rose Bowl)

BCS Championship Bowl logo Alabama Crimson Tide team logo or team mascot. Texas Longhorn team logo or team mascot.

Fiesta Bowl Bumper Stickers

TCU Horned Frogs vs. Boise State Broncos

Jan. 4, 2010  FOX 8:00 pm
Glendale, AZ (U of Phoenix)

Fiesta Bowl logo TCU Horned Frog team logo or team mascot. Boise State Bronco team logo or team mascot.

Orange Bowl Bumper Stickers

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Iowa Hawkeyes

Jan. 5, 2010  FOX 8:00 pm
Miami, FL (Land Shark)

Orange Bowl logo Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket team logo or team mascot. Iowa Hawkeye team logo or team mascot.

Rose Bowl Bumper Stickers

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Oregon Ducks 

Jan. 1, 2010  ABC 4:30 pm
Pasadena, CA (Rose Bowl)

Rose Bowl logo Ohio State Buckeye team logo or team mascot. Oregon Duck team logo or team mascot.

Sugar Bowl Bumper Stickers

Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Florida Gators

Jan. 1, 2010  FOX 8:30 pm
New Orleans, LA (Superdome)

Sugar Bowl logo Cincinnati Bearcat team logo or team mascot. Florida Gator team logo or team mascot.

Constructing a Bumper Sticker

These printable bumper sticker templates can be printed on magnetic inkjet sheets for magnetic bumper stickers or printed on plain paper and made into an adhesive type sticker using double sided tape (aka carpet tape).

Optimum printer settings for sports bumper stickers by

Let’s get started on your DIY paper bumper sticker.

Materials you will need:

  • Double sided tape - also known as carpet tape.  *NOTE: Carpet tape is designed to be permanent and may mar anything it comes into contact with it. Avoid the “cloth type” tape it does not look as nice, it is heavier and is harder to work with.
  • Mineral spirits to clean glue from tools. - I use odorless.   *NOTE: Some glue from the carpet tape will be transferred to your tools. Periodic cleaning will give your homemade bumper stickers a nice clean cut edge.
  • Clear acrylic spray for longevity (optional).

Make Your Own Homemade bumper stickers in 5 easy steps.

  1. Using heavy paper stock print the bumper sticker pattern of your choice.
  2. Place the carpet tape on the back of the sticker page.  See Tips.
  3. Spray the front with a clear acrylic finish for longevity (optional).
  4. Score the carpet tape with a razor knife if desired. This may make it easier to peel the backing off the tape.
  5. Cut your custom Bumper Stickers to shape.

You’re done!  Peel the backing off your homemade bumper sticker (the carpet tape) and place it on any clean dry surface according to the directions found with your carpet tape.

Enjoy the Championship Bowl Series, College Football Tournaments. Good Fortune to Your Team and May the Best Team Win!

If you have any comments or thoughts to add to Do It Yourself Custom Stickers, please feel free to contact me at

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