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How To Make Stickers and Labels

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More DIY Sticker Project Ideas

Remember double sided tape is permanent on both sides!  For precious and irreplaceable items use an acid free mounting material and suitable adhesive.

Sticker mania is running wild right now. 
People are stickering everything.  Once you find out how easy and cheap it is to build a sticker you to will join the sticker craze.  A piece of carpet tape used to make an impulse sticker costs less than a penny.  So go crazy and make a bunch of whimsical stickers.

Here are some simple project ideas for using double sided tape as an adhesive.

Use your home computer to print a sticker for a professional look or use your own handcrafted artwork for a homemade look.

You can use double sided tape to attach just about any what·cha·ma·call·it to just about any album.

Albums - photograph album, autograph album, stamp album, sticker album, wedding album, baby book, scrapbook, trophy book, photo album, family album, vacation album, travel log, high school yearbooks, postcard album and more.

What·cha·ma·call·its - Doodads, keepsakes, mementoes, reminders, souvenirs, gifts, tokens, relics, remembrances, knickknack, trinket, curio, decoration, ornament, trifle, bauble, what-you-may-call-it and more.

Album and What·cha·ma·call·its Examples.

Wedding memories - Attach wedding mementoes to your wedding album.
Baby photographs - Fasten photos in your baby book.
Postcard album - Stick postcards in your travel log or in your postcard album.
Travel souvenirs - Attach souvenirs to your vacation album.
School memories - Fasten sentimental remembrances in your high school yearbook.
Novel scrapbooks - Adorn your scrapbook with trinkets and knickknacks.
Baby’s first rattle - Attach trinkets and mementoes to your baby book.
Concert & band memorabilia - Fasten autographs and ticket stubs in your autograph album.
Fan memorabilia - Affix memorabilia and souvenirs to your autograph book.
Sticker album - Start your own sticker album.  Add homemade and handcrafted stickers to your sticker album.
Trophy book - Start a trophy book with photos, logs, maps.  Mount your dry fly next to the photo of the one that didn’t get away.

ID Applications

Check out our Student ID Sticker page.
Sticker your sports equipment - Place personalized ID labels on your sports equipment.
Luggage ID labels - Fix a permanent ID label to your luggage.
Important contacts list - Attach important phone numbers to your phone or phonebook.
Bake sale stickers - Make personalized stickers for your bake sale goodies. Label your homemade bake goods with our name and ingredients for charity bake sales.
Canning jar labels - Make decorative labels for your homemade preserves, pickles or canned goods.
Homemade wine labels - Make personalized labels for your homemade wine.
DIY beer labels -
Make special Custom Beer & Wine Labels for your homebrew to celebrate an event.

Handcrafted by labels - Label your handcrafted projects with handsome homemade custom stickers.   Label your crafts with your name, date, materials used etc.


Use recycled calendar refrigerator magnets to make Photo Magnets.
Cloth and fabric stickers - Remember that when using carpet tape as an adhesive you are not limited to paper products.  Use any fabric metal or plastic material as your sticker plank.
Kids photo magnets - Grandmothers love getting new photo magnets.
Refrigerator art - Turn your child’s school art project into a refrigerator magnet.
For the heck of it - Affix keepsakes to bulletin boards or other public areas.
Holiday card magnet - Make magnetic holiday decorations for the fridge or metal doors from a card you received.
Gift stickers - Make creative stickers from gift wrap paper to decorate gifts.  For example, make teddy bear gift stickers using teddy bear wrapping paper.  Trim the sticker to shape of the teddy bear for a dramatic effect.
Permanently attach posters to any surface.
Resurface an old bulletin board - Cover an old bulletin board with a poster for a new look.  When you’re tired of that look, replace with a new poster.
Magnetic party favors - Construct inexpensive magnetic party favors.

The Internet is a wonderful source for ideas and content.

Add pizzazz to your stickers. The web has a vast number of free clipart website. 
Humorous stickers - Many cartoonists allow the use of their material for person use.
Internet photo stickers - Photos of people places and things are available for sticker ideas.
Fantasy stickers -  The artwork obtainable on the web is wonderful. Fantasy and futuristic stickers are only limited by your imagination.
Graphic designs for stickers -  Again the web has in almost infinite number of source for graphic design to add spice to your stickers.

Business applications

Limited time stickers - Make inexpensive Special order stickers or one time stickers for those limited offers.
Tamperproof label - Place a tamperproof label on your packages.
Custom warning labels - Custom warning labels for special order items.
Custom opening instruction - Prevent damage to your products, fasten custom opening instruction stickers to your unusual packages.
Special events stickers - Make special events stickers to place on packages and mail. 
Announcement Stickers - Announce company functions and promotions in your break room.
Interoffice stickers - Place informational stickers on interoffice mail.
Special event name badges - Personalize special event name badges with event description, company logo and employee name.  If computer generated, this professional looking sticker, makes a great first impression.
Company picnic - Make information stickers promoting company picnics and other events.
Sponsors stickers - Sponsors, give your ball team or bowling team custom stickers.
Magnetic reminders - Sponsors, hand out magnetic reminders of upcoming events.


School activities - Promote school elections and sports events with magnetic stickers.
Stickers for fundraisers - Promote fundraisers with homemade stickers.
Scout stickers - Scout troops can identify and promote the good they sell with homemade stickers.
Business card stickers - Attach your business cards to promotional items and broachers.
Custom professional stickers - Build a promotional campaign using custom professional stickers.
Magnetic car door signs - Promote events using magnetic car door signs and magnetic bumper stickers.  To make it water resistant, spray it with an acrylic finish before use.
Team stickers - Advertise your sponsor’s merchandise with custom adhesive stickers.
Avon and Tupperware promotions - Avon and Tupperware sellers, make cheap stickers for hosts to label purchases.  Pass out calendar stickers as reminders of the next party.


Use recycled calendar refrigerator magnets to make an Magnetic Emergency Plan.  Help protect your family in an emergency.  Place an emergency escape plan on your refrigerator or metal door as a reminder.
Magnetic contact numbers - Make a magnetic list of important phone numbers.  Keep it on your fridge or metal door for babysitters or house sitters.  Peel it of the door when you go on vacation so you have the numbers.
Magnetic bumper stickers - Go crazy and put anything you want on a bumper sticker.  Put in on a recycled refrigerator magnet and stick it on your steel bumper or metal car door.  To make it water resistant, spray it with an acrylic finish before use.
Magnetic reminders - Make magnetic reminders to remind you of periodic occurrences.  (Hot range top, take out the trash, etc)
Magnetic notices - Make magnetic notices for your steel door. (Oxygen in Use, Beware of Dog, don’t forget your lunch, etc.)
Date reminders - Team captains make magnetic fridge reminders for game and tournament dates.
Magnetic recipe cards - Attach your favorite recipes to a recycled fridge magnet to display on your refrigerator or range hood when cooking.
Magnetic “Vehicle In Tow” sign -  Use brightly colored paper and your computer’s word processor to build a custom Magnetic “Vehicle In Tow” sign.  To make it water resistant, spray it with an acrylic finish before use.

Mark your calendar with birthday stickers.  (Great Holiday Gift)

  • Once a year print a page of all birthdays for that year.
  • Make them into birthday stickers.
  • Place them on your calendar.
  • Use different color papers to code your birthday stickers by family or generation.

Beer & Wine Bottle Labels - Canning Jar Labels

A Professional homebrewed label should be the final ingredient in any homebrew recipe.    Do Not label your favorite homebrew with masking tape.  Make your own personal homebrewed label from scratch for just pennies.

A DIY Beer Label, Wine Label, or homemade Canning Jar Label, tells a lot about the maker and/or the contents.
  • The proper custom wine label will relay the impression that the wine is suitable for special occasions.
  • A humorous beer label states; “This is a party beer to be shared with a group of friends.”
  • A homemade canning jar label with an image of the contents says; “I Grew this and Canned it Myself with Love.”
Here is the beauty of this label making process:
  • Each batch can have its own label and personality.
  • Multiple yet individual labels.  For example you could setup your word processor to print 10 labels per page and print a unique bottle number on each label (6 of 20).
  • The base label material can be any color or texture you printer can handle.
  • Cut your homebrewed label to any shape or use specialty scissors for a decorative border.
  • Use photos, artwork, birthday or greeting cards as labels.
  • Hand or machine stitch cloth labels for special gift bottles.

The perfect homebrewed label(s) should relay two messages to the recipient.
  • The bottle contents, maker, year, storage requirements, expiration dates, etc.  That information found on that piece of masking tape on the bottle and the info in your head.
  • Facts of interest concerning this unique bottle, e.g. grapes from your garden or hops imported form Germany or brewed for the 2008 Milwaukee Brewer’s Festival.
I prefer the two label approach.  The first label passes along all the necessary information allowing full artistic license for the second label.

The whole process of making a homebrewed label is very similar to the other label projects on this site.  Refer to How to Make Stickers for the label making basics.

Here are a few differences.
When making a long label for a curved surface; use several pieces of carpet tape parallel to the curve to avoid buckling.
Remember to experiment first on an old bottle and unwanted or blank label material.

Positioning a label “squarely” on a curved surface may prove to be challenging. For a detailed discussion on how that is done, to go our Bottle Labeling Jig Page,  How to position a Label on a Bottle.

Teachers, don’t forget about our school ID stickers project.  This idea just might be the answer to your lost homework problems. Please tell your fellow teachers about HOW TO MAKE CUSTOM STICKERS AND LABELS, 
They also may benefit from the School ID Stickers project tutorial. Computer stickers are not the only labeling method. Art teachers can employ these methods to build handcrafted stickers for ID purposes.

Although the emphasis of HOW TO MAKE CUSTOM STICKERS AND LABELS is making computer generated professional stickers, the methods and techniques are the same for homemade stickers and handcrafted stickers.

I have made thousands of custom stickers, and I feel these Do It Yourself instructions will help you get a good start on your own DIY custom stickers. A homemade professional sticker is easier than you think. Be sure to visit all pages, to get all the Sticker Making Tips, to make your custom computer stickers project a fun experience.

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