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DIY Magnetic Recipe Cards

We have FREE printable Cooking Measurement Equivalents cards and US to Metric & Metric to US conversion cards available in popular 3 x 5 inch and 4 X 6 inch recipe card formats for recipe boxes and recipe binders.

Baking Measurement Equivalents charts and US to Metric conversion charts are has handy as your favorite utensils, designer apron and potholders. Our measurement conversion charts can be printed and trimmed as cards for recipe boxes and recipe binders or folded in half and placed in your favorite cookbook for quick reference.

While most online cooking websites, recipe resources and good cookbooks have a Measurement Equivalents chart in their reference section; they are not as handy or convenient as having them on your refrigerator door or range hood while baking. Our handy cooking equivalency reference cards can be printed on magnetic sheets for your refrigerator using your computer printer.   [Magnetic Measurement Conversion Cards]

To keep your favorite recipes handy while cooking; make a homemade magnetic recipe card. These recipe magnets also make novel gifts when sharing recipes with friends

There are 2 methods for making homemade magnetic recipe cards.

Below is an example of several NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® recipes in a 3 x 5 inch recipe card format. These recipes can be printed directly on 8 ˝ x 11 inch magnetic sheets or printed on plain paper/card stock and trimmed to size. The page layout is formatted for Avery 5388 index cards. Any recipes printed on paper may be attached to recycled calendar magnets. The desert recipes require attaching the cooking directions to the back or magnetic side of the magnetic sheet. [Magnetic Recipe - Backside]

To Print Magnetic Conversion Cards       

  • Place the desired print material in the printer (magnetic sheet or paper/card stock).
  • Right click on the Magnetic Conversion Cards image.
  • Select Print Picture.
Printable Cooking Measurement Equivalents + Metric to US & US to Metric conversion cards. (3 x 5 inch card format).


Our 4 x 6 inch cards can be printed on any paper or card stock and are formatted for Avery postcard template 5389. To print on Avery 4 x 6 cards; set printer margins at Internet Explorer browser defaults - top .68”, left .25“.

 Cooking Measurement Equivalents  4 x 6 in. Metric to US & US to Metric Conversion  4 x 6 in.
Printable Cooking Measurement Equivalents cards. (4 x 6 inch card format). Metric to US & US to Metric conversion cards. (4 x 6 inch card format).


To Print NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Recipes          

  • Place the desired print material in the printer (magnetic sheet, Avery 5388 index cards or paper/card stock). For proper alignment on Avery 5388 index cards paper margins should be set at Internet Explorer browser defaults - top .68”, left .25“.
  • Right click on the image to be printed. You must do this for each side of the recipe card.
  • Select Print Picture.
  • To print reverse side; Reinsert paper and repeat steps 2 & 3.

          Print all three 3 x 5 ingredient cards:
Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sweet & Salty Chewy Pecan Bars
Oatmeal Scotchies
Print all three 3 x 5 baking instruction cards:
Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sweet & Salty Chewy Pecan Bars
Oatmeal Scotchies

Printable NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® recipe cards. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sweet & Salty Chewy Pecan Bars, Oatmeal Scotchies ingredient cards. (3 x 5 inch card format). Printable NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® recipe cards. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sweet & Salty Chewy Pecan Bars, Oatmeal Scotchies baking direction cards. (3 x 5 inch card format).

 Printing Recipes on Magnetic Sheets          

Before you begin

Read the manufacture’s specifications supplied with your printer to be sure your printer can except magnetic sheets. Each printer will handle thicker materials differently than plain paper stock so some experimentation will be necessary. For example to get a ˝” top border using magnetic sheets in my printer; I must set the page set-up parameters to a 1” top margin.

Page Layout

The easiest method to layout 3” x 5” or 4” x 6” recipe cards is to use a label making utility. I use the label making tool supplied with my word processor but Avery’s free label maker works just as well.  To maximize the number of 3 x 5 cards (4 per page) use the custom label feature and create your own template (you will need to use a landscape page setup). You can also use Avery’s index card template - 5388 and print 3 per page. For 4 x 6 cards Avery’s postcard template 5389 works well.

Printer paper feeders have a tendency to slip when using magnetic sheets so make the leading edge border (top margin) larger than you would for plain paper.

If your recipe does not fit on one card you can:
  • Try using a smaller font.
  • Print 2 or more cards.
  • Attach a paper label to the backside of the magnetic recipe. (see Magnetic Recipe - Backside)

Print and Trim

Print your recipes on the magnetic sheets following the manufacturer’s instructions on both the magnetic sheets and your printer. For longevity coat the printed surface with a clear acrylic spray (optional). Using a paper cutter or sharp scissors cut the recipes cards to the desired size.

Suggestion: Spice up your recipe cards with various fonts, colors, clip art or fancy borders.

Attaching Existing Recipes to Recycled Magnets          

The technique I use to make these recipe magnets is to use double sided tape (or carpet tape) to attach an existing recipe card or computer printed recipe card to a recycled fridge magnet. This technique is discussed in length on our How to Make Stickers page.

Often when dealing with a service oriented business, they will advertise their services using a calendar fridge magnet or a business card fridge magnet. Some calendar fridge magnets are as large as a full sheet or paper and can be cut to any size and shape.

Hints and helpful techniques can be found on our Sticker Making Tips page.

Let’s get started on your homemade magnetic recipe card.

Tools you will need:

  • Printer or other method of creating a page of recipe cards.
  • Paper cutter or sharp scissors

Materials you will need:

  • Recipe - Select a recipe you want to “magnetize“.
  • Calendar refrigerator magnet - same size or larger than recipe card.
  • Double sided tape - also known as carpet tape.  *NOTE: Carpet tape is designed to be permanent and may mar anything it comes into contact with it. Avoid the “cloth type” tape it does not look as nice, it is heavier and is harder to work with.
  • Mineral spirits to clean glue from tools. - I use odorless.   *NOTE: Some glue from the carpet tape will be transferred to your tools. Periodic cleaning will give your homemade magnetic recipe card a nice clean cut edge.

Make Your Own Homemade Magnetic Recipe Card in 4 easy steps.         

  1. Select your favorite recipe.
  2. Place the carpet tape on the front of the calendar refrigerator magnet. Be sure to extend the tape to the edges.
  3. Position the recipe card on the calendar refrigerator magnet.
  4. Trim your recipe magnets to shape.  Use any sharp good quality scissors to trim the edges of your recipe magnets. 

Magnetic Recipe - Backside; Special Considerations          

  • Magnetic sheets and refrigerator style magnets are not designed to have materials placed between magnetic and ferrous surfaces. It is important to keep the materials mounted to the magnetic surface as thin & flat as possible. Use 20 lb weight paper when ever possible. If using double stick tape as an adhesive; use a cellophane thin type tape. Spray adhesives also work well. Most glue become brittle with age and may not spread thin & flat and should be avoided.
  • Many magnetic sheets will not “stick” to ferrous surfaces if turned over exposing the backside. Therefore plan to put most referenced information on the front of the sheet. (For me it is the ingredients list.) To refer to the backside remove the recipe card from the refrigerator and replace it when finished.

Have fun using my DIY Homemade Magnetic Recipe Card ideas!

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