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Homemade Novelty Pencils & Pens

Novelty pens and pencils can be used for promotional purposes, jokes, motivational messages, or just to identify your favorite pen. Create a mini campaign sticker for school elections and distribute them as pencil banners. They are cheap, fun and easy to make. Basically you make a sticker from the material of your choosing and stick it on a pencil or pen. Once you have made one you will see how easy it is to make dozens for special occasions or sort time promotions.

Procrastinator’s motivational pencil in a cup of coffee.

A Procrastinator’s Pencil

To demonstrate how to make a novelty pen or pencil I will use a motivational theme aimed at procrastinator’s. If you would like to print a page of 6 different procrastinator sticker messages for your own pencil go to Info Share Procrastinator’s Pencil.

Choosing a Style for your Pencil

To begin decide if you want to wrap your sticker around the pencil or displayed in a flag style. The flag style gives you more leeway for content but is bulkier for pocket or purse. Thing to consider when making your decision.

Homemade Flag style motivational novelty pencil.  DIY novelty pencils, wrap-around style with motivational message.

Flag style Novelty Pencil

  • Pictures and images can be viewed without rolling the pencil.
  • You are not limited to 6 lines of 8 pt text.
  • It lends its self more to needlepoint or other craft projects.
  • Its high visibility makes it more suitable for promotional purposes.
  • Your round pen or pencil will not roll away from you and your favorite pen will not walk away as easily.
  • It is easier to find your misplaced pen.

Wrap-around Style

  • This style is more inconspicuous for use with personal motivational messages.
  • It is limited to 6 lines of 8 pt printed text.
  • Easily carried in pocket or purse.
  • Pictures and images are more difficult to view and limited in size by the circumference of the pencil.

Design and Made Your Novelty Message

  • Using your computer’s word processor create your message. For a wrap-around style the text should be 6 lines or less Arial 8 pt font or the equivalent. For a round pencil or pen you can experiment with larger fonts and fewer lines.
  • Have fun with colors. Use bright bold eye-catching colors.
  • Use unique shapes. If using an image cut your sticker to follow the shape.
  • Use the internet to get cartoons, jokes, clipart and photos.
  • Use needlepoint, artwork, or homemade craft projects.
  • Use your imagination, the sky is the limit.

Attaching the Message to Your Novelty Pencil

I call these messages stickers because if you make these messages into stickers they are readily available to use at any time and place. Also you are not limited to pencils and pens; they can be placed on stationary objects as well. Although difficult to remove, carpet tape stickers can be removed more easily than most adhesives. You can use any glue or spray adhesive but they are messy and require drying time.

How to Make a Novelty Pencil Sticker

  1. Cut the message from the page you just printed, leaving ample space around the message.
  2. Apply double sided tape to the back to make a homemade sticker or label.
  3. If desired apply a clear acrylic coat for longevity.
  4. Cut the sticker to the desired shape and size. 
  5. Peel the backing off your new novelty sticker and place it on any surface.

That’s it!  You’re done!

NOTE: Not all double stick tapes (aka carpet tape) are the same. Avoid the cloth type tapes. For more useful tips to make your sticker making more enjoyable go to our Sticker Making Tips page.

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