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Student ID Sticker Project

This is a simple DIY project to build
personalized student ID stickers or stickers to identify subject folders, school binders, school notebooks etc.

Tools you will need:

  1. Printer or other method of creating a page of computer sticker blanks.
  2. Paper cutter - I use a Fiskars paper cutter (12” bypass guillotine type). Not necessary but very handy if you are planning to make large quantities of custom computerized professional stickers. Homemade stickers and handcrafted stickers sometimes look best with a more casual border.
  3. Scissors
  4. Razor knife

Materials you will need:

  1. Paper - your sticker stock.
  2. Double sided tape, also known as carpet tape.  *NOTE: Carpet tape is designed to be permanent and may mar anything It comes into contact with.  Avoid the “cloth type” tape it does not look as nice and is harder to work with.
  3. Mineral spirits to clean glue from tools. - I use odorless.  *NOTE: Some glue from the carpet tape will be transferred to your tools. Periodic cleaning will give your custom sticker a nice clean cut edge.

Let’s build your personalized student ID stickers.

  • Decide which items you want identified with your personalized student ID stickers. You may want to give some thought as to the contact information you place on the student ID sticker. For example, you may NOT want to give out your personal phone number. We recommend a teacher’s contact number.
  • Using your word processor compose your personalized student ID stickers.

Our student ID stickers look like this:

A)  Ribbon Style

Our ribbon style student ID stickers look like this.

B)  Block Style  Left & Right

Our block style student ID stickers look like this.

Print your personalized student ID stickers.

  1. Add the double sided tape to the back. As we will be trimming the ends of our student ID stickers, lay the carpet tape from the center out. Run the tape from top to bottom in 4 pieces. It’s easiest to run the double sided tape, then cut it from the roll at the end of the page. Start with one edge of the tape placed on the “center line” and run it to the end. Place 3 more carpet tape strips on the back leaving about 1/16” between strips.
  2. Using your paper cutter or scissors cut the student ID stickers into horizontal strips.
  3. Before removing the double sided tape backing, position your personalized student ID sticker over the notebook (at about a 45 degree angle to give it a ribbon look) to see where it would look best. Remember to overlap the edges of the notebook, as you will trim the excess later to make it look like a ribbon across the notebook.
  4. Peel the backing off your student ID stickers (the double sided tape) and place it on your notebook.
  5. Use your scissors to trim your student ID stickers to fit your schoolbooks.


This was a simple exercise to show you how easy it is to make personalized student ID stickers using plain paper and carpet tape. Spice up your personalized stickers with clip art or decorative borders.

Here Are Our Completed Personalized

Student ID Stickers.

Teachers can use this project as a classroom exercise and make useful student ID stickers. I recommend that the contact information on the student ID stickers be that of a teacher and not the student.        Teachers can use these example stickers as patterns or let the students design their own.    

Other School Project Ideas are:

Magnetic special event stickers
These non-permanent sticker solutions are great methods of advertising proms, dances, sports events and student elections. These non-permanent magnet stickers will stick to any ferrous surface such as locker doors, fire doors, car doors and metal car bumpers. Magnetic bumper stickers made with the method detailed in the Photo Magnets page can be reused each new event. For example make a magnetic bumper sticker to cheer on your team for the next big game, following the game overlay the magnetic bumper sticker promoting the next big game. You can continue doing this until the sticker gets to heavy. Then peel the magnet off the built-up stickers and start over again. Of course your handcrafted magnetic bumper sticker can be used on a school locker as well.

If you are going to use your handcrafted magnetic bumper sticker outdoors, you should coat it with an acrylic spray to make your magnetic bumper sticker water resistant. Test an area first to make sure the acrylic does not react adversely with your handcrafted magnetic bumper sticker.

Teachers, double sided tape is a wonderful product and has many uses.
You can use it the same way you would use a loop of masking tape. Carpet tape is a more secure and permanent solution. Teachers can use it to attach artwork around the classroom. You can also make magnet reminders for the classroom. Art teachers can place carpet tape on the back of art work before sending it home with students. Please note that it does not take much tape to accomplish the task and it is permanent and may mar any surface it come in contact with.

Teachers this information is FREE and may be of use to other teachers so pass it along.
Although the emphasis of HOW TO MAKE CUSTOM STICKERS AND LABELS is making computer generated professional stickers, the methods and techniques are the same for homemade stickers and handcrafted stickers.

I have made thousands of custom stickers, and I feel these Do It Yourself instructions will help you get a good start on your own DIY custom stickers. A homemade professional sticker is easier than you think. Be sure to visit all pages, to get all the tips, to make your custom computer stickers project a fun experience.

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