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Printable Chemical Dilution Tables

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Printable Chemical Dilution Tables

Gardeners often need to mix fertilizers or weed killers for their gardens. Sprayers come in many sizes and computing the correct amount of chemical to use can be a challenging task.

When you need to fill a specific container with a chemical mixture it is difficult to determine the amount of chemical to add to obtain the desired solution strength.
These Quick Chemical Dilution Reference Charts can provide you with the exact amount of chemical to use.

To use our dilution charts add the specified amount of chemical to the container and fill with water. Normally when mixing chemicals using ratios the amount produced is the sum of the ingredients. For example in a ratio of 1:4; when mixing quarts you will have 5 quarts of mixed solution. Using our Dilution Tables - Ratios your finished quantity will be 1 gallon.

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To Print Chemical Dilution Reference Tables          [Top]

  • Place the desired print material in the printer (magnetic sheet or paper/card stock).
  • Right click on the Chemical Dilution Table image.
  • Select Print Picture.

Printable garden chemical dilution table for common mixing formulas.  Printable household chemical dilution table for common ratio mixtures.

Instructions Liquid Dilution Tables

To use this table:
Find your base formula (e.g. oz per gal).
Select you container size (cups to gals).
Multiply the amount by the formula quantity.
Example: Formula = 3oz per gal, Container size = pint
          Answer: oz = (3 x 1/8) 3/8,  tbsp = (3 x ) or 
                      tsp = (3 x ) 2

Instructions Liquid Dilution Tables - Ratios

To use this table:
Find your mixture ratio in the left column.
Select you container size (cups to gals).
Find the amount of chemical (in OZs) to add to the container.
Fill the container with water or second ingredient.
Example: Ratio 1:20, Container size = pint
          Answer: Add ozs of chemical to a 1 pint container
                      & fill with water.

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