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Cooking Measures Equivalents Chart

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Cooking Measures Equivalents Chart

We have FREE printable Cooking Measurement Equivalents cards available in popular 3 x 5 inch and 4 X 6 inch recipe card formats for recipe boxes and recipe binders.

Baking Measurement Equivalents charts are has handy as your favorite utensils, designer apron and potholders. Our measurement conversion charts can be printed and trimmed as cards for recipe boxes and recipe binders or folded in half and placed in your favorite cookbook for quick reference.

While most online cooking websites, recipe resources and good cookbooks have a Measurement Equivalents chart in their reference section; they are not as handy or convenient for converting units of measure; as having them on your refrigerator door or range hood while baking. Our handy cooking equivalency reference cards can be printed on magnetic sheets for your refrigerator using your computer printer. 

When printing our Cooking Measurements Conversion Cards on Avery precut card stock 5388 or 5389 refer to our Optimum Printer Setting instructions for precise print alignment.

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To Print Cooking Measurement Conversion Cards          [Top]

  • Place the desired print material in the printer (magnetic sheet or paper/card stock).
  • Select the print format from  the options below.
  • Right click on the Cooking Measurements Conversion Cards image.
  • Select Print Picture.

Printable Quick Reference Cooking Measurement Equivalents cards. Quickly convert units of measure.

Select Print Format

Full page print option. 8 1/2" x 11"
Full Page Portrait
Print option - 4 x 6 cards on Avery 5389 card stock. 4" x 6" Card (2)
Avery  5389
Print option - 3 x 5 cards on Avery 5388 card stock. 3" x 5" Card (3)
Avery  5388

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